Battling Bad Press in the Social Media Arena

By Mikal E. Belicove|For|March 25, 2010

I usually write about the positive side of social media marketing–using it to ignite a word-of-mouth wildfire that increases sales and profits. But social media also has a dark side–negative press generated by disgruntled customers or by devious competitors. This can spark a wildfire, too, and this one often makes business owners, managers and CEOs feel completely powerless.

Fortunately, you can mitigate any damage. I recommend a two-pronged approach consisting of both proactive and reactive measures.

Be Proactive

Social media is interactive. It’s meant to engage consumers, and it encourages them to speak out openly about everything that affects their lives. As such, this media will affect your business whether you choose to participate in it or not.

You have a choice: Actively participate in social media to define your image or allow your competitors and the general population define your image for you via websites, blog posts, user-generated comments and reviews, consumer rating sites and apps, business and social networking, and a host of other online venues.

I suggest you take the lead. Use the power of social media, along with your commitment to quality and customer service, to establish and maintain a positive image in the communities you serve.

Fight Back

When your business receives negative comments or reviews, or when a dissatisfied customer posts a rip-off report about your company…

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