Get a Second Opinion Using Marginize

By Mikal E. Belicove|For|August 18, 2010

In Don’t Believe Everything You See on the Web, columnist Francine Schill writes that “just because a company has an awesome website doesn’t mean it’s legitimate.” Francine is absolutely right. Let’s face it, tossing up a sophisticated looking site these days is as easy as dressing up as your favorite character from Mad Men this Halloween.

The availability of content management systems (CMS’s) and thousands of free and cheap website templates has opened the door for nearly anyone to create a trustworthy looking business online.

So as an entrepreneur and business owner, how do you know whom to trust and do business with? Among the many options you have is to turn elsewhere on the web and tap into the social dialogue about the company or brand in question. And that’s what leads me to this week’s Wednesday Web Resource… Marginize Founded in early 2010 and based out of Cambridge, Mass., Marginize allows anyone to engage with or read others’ comments on any website — independently from the owner of the site — by using a free browser add-on or bookmarklet. Once the add-on or bookmarklet is deployed, a new sidebar appears in the right margin of the web page, where anyone can read and interact via comments and check-ins (think of “check-ins” as Foursquare for websites). As a result, every website now has an ad-hoc message board, whether the site’s owner wants it or not!

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