What’s Eating Entrepreneurs Today

By Mikal E. Belicove|For Entrepreneur.com|May 29, 2012

Profitability, passion for the job, balancing work and home life — all are issues taking up the most space in business owners’ minds these days.

The recently released 2012 UPS Store Small Business Survey offers a window into what entrepreneurs are thinking about lately.

Here’s a list of their biggest concerns, according to the survey:

  • Making a profit (50 percent of respondents — no big surprise here)
  • Growing the business (36 percent)
  • Time management (about 30 percent)
  • Meeting customers’ needs (about 30 percent)

(Responses add up to more than 100% because respondents could choose more than one answer.)

In a surprising finding, only one in three respondents said…

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