Provides Real-Time Feedback on Your Products and Brand

By Mikal E. Belicove|For|December 2, 2010

Every company wants to be the fly on the wall when consumers are talking about the pros and cons of their product or service, and now PeopleBrowsr, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based social search engine and social media analytics company, has come up with an online tool that does just that., released this week, is a new search tool developed for brand managers, marketers and social media wonks to enable companies to hunt down conversations on Twitter that refer to their particular company or its branded products.

With, your company can search a name, company, competitor or a product and immediately discover what people are saying about that subject, exactly who’s saying it, and then break it down by sex, location or even how the site users carrying on the conversation are related.

It determines what people are tweeting about a brand or company, and then turns those comments charts and maps that show trends and sentiments. Once a keyword search has begun, you can filter the stream of notes or tweets and sort them by gender, location and positive or negative sentiment. The application even includes an…

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