I help businesses, CEOs, high-profile personalities, and others define, leverage and manage their brands through a unique combination of methods. As a result, my clients receive thoughtful strategic representation and management in the areas of branding, lead generation, public relations, reputation management, and on- and offline positioning and marketing. Ultimately, my methods and work lead to increased market share, status and trust for the individuals and businesses with whom I choose to work.

Philosophically, I believe participation is a critical part of marketing, and that exceptional marketing opens and maintains valuable positioning, brand identity, lead generation, and public relations channels.

The work I do — from developing business plans and executing strategic initiatives, to producing and managing marketing campaigns, websites, blogs and more — allows individuals and businesses to reach key positioning- and business-related goals sooner and more efficiently than they may on their own.

To inquire about using my services, please contact me through my online contact form.