A Shaman of the Internet

From September 17, 2010 – CoastLine Pilot

By Cindy Frazier, cindy.frazier@latimes.com

Mikal Belicove is on the cutting edge of social media. He’s way out there, blogging, tweeting, Facebooking and generally having a great time playing around in cyberspace. And he makes a good living at it.

Belicove calls himself an “information-sharing junkie.” But he could also be called a shaman of the Internet.

As he says: “The old paradigm was ‘knowledge is power.’ The new paradigm is ‘sharing knowledge is power.’ “

Belicove is also a “ghost blogger,” a new form of ghost writer. He blogs anonymously for major corporations, writing daily news and tidbits to post on their websites to keep readers, or rather customers, engaged and interested in their products.

Working from his ocean-view Laguna Beach apartment, the low-key scribe also writes a column for Entrepreneur magazine, and consults for Fortune 500 companies trying to catch up in the digital age. In particular, he tries to help them tap into the 400 million or more users of Facebook, which has become the gold standard of social media.

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